A New Way To

No lag, no loss, no frame drops

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Revolutionary middleware protocol that streams rich 3D content in a way
that enables efficient local rendering on any device.

A new type of stream, enabling a new type of interactive content for cable, and OTT audiences.



Instant Interactivity

Instant access to play and engage at any moment


Lossless Streaming

Rich 3D content streamed without compression artifacts


Performant Local Rendering

Eliminates unnecessary data from the pipeline for improved rendering performance

A New Way To
Deliver Rich 3D Content

Our GPEG (Geometry PUMP Engine Group) technology replaces video based streaming and delivers an unlimited interactive 3D environment around a user controlled viewpoint without compression or compromising resolution

occupied cell
predicted cell
cached cell


Visibility Event Packets
Replace Video Packets

GPEG streams Visibility Event packets to the remote game engine running on existing client-side hardware. The Visibility Event packets are pre-encoded, which allows low-cost streaming. Packets are also prefetched, which eliminates lag and frame drop. GPEG middleware is designed to be added to any game engine (current version integrated into Unreal Engine 4) enabling new types of interactive animated and  digital effects sequences.

Powerful Performance
By The Numbers

Current Technology
Our Technology

Remove Barriers to content purchase, true in-the-moment interactivity
*content streamed to always-on game engine

Current Technology
Our Technology

Eliminate the need for level creation and loading

Current Technology
Our Technology

Completely overcome latency

Current Technology
Our Technology

With GPEG, all frames are generated locally for a fluid, high-frame rate experience.

Current Technology
50mbps for 1080p*
Our Technology
20mbps for 4k

Less Bandwidth, Better Resolution
*Recommended by Nvidia for NVidia Grid service

For The
Entertainment Mainstream

  • GPEG enables immersive, interactive television: cable and OTT programming with full six degree-of-freedom interactivity, delivered instantly

  • Instantly explore alternative narrative arcs from within the story, take up a brief challenge, become immersed and engaged in the story, the setting, and the action in ways that transcend video programming

  • GPEG enables instant streaming of rich interactive content to PCs, Game Consoles, Mobile Devices, and Next-Gen Set-top Boxes


  • GPEG-enabled Ads deliver targeted, 3D advertising objects that are seamlessly integrated into the content

  • These interactive Ads are easily engageable, allowing a brief impression Ad to become an extended product engagement experience

  • GPEG Ads support opt-in and opt-out models that give publishers new ways to monetize content and offer users new choices in how to pay for content

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